A better solution
for everyone.

A holistic approach means addressing the needs of the whole person. Our diabetes management platform responds to the exact needs of members, factors in psychological and social determinants of health, builds sustainable behavioral change, and drastically decreases your healthcare costs.

Our experiential approach creates benefits for all.

Diathrive Health delivers a more effective, accessible, and engaging way to manage diabetes. By improving the quality of care and removing inefficiencies, middlemen, and waste—we can deliver more positive results for individuals and employers.

Our Story

Diathrive Health was founded in 2017 to revolutionize healthcare with simple, affordable high-quality solutions that actually work. Our solutions are based on real science and actual data. We address the psychosocial and social barriers to success for people living with chronic conditions like diabetes. We are focused on delivering immediate, tangible ROI.

Chronic conditions are complicated and living with diabetes is already complex—yet so many care providers wind up adding more to these burdens. At Diathrive Health, we trade those frustrations for management strategies that are straightforward, affordable, and effective. We put quality of care first, and that makes all the difference.

"Complexity is not the answer."

Michael Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer

Removing barriers is essential
to keeping people engaged.

Even the best laid care plans can’t deliver results when they’re up against the full gamut of health hurdles and behavioral challenges that people experience.

Working with experts at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute, Diathrive Health offers a methodology that identifies individual barriers so people can stay focused on achieving their goals. We offer personalized coaching and care plans that tackle obstacles and create lasting behavioral change.

We are listeners, overhaulers, and doers.

There are over 37 million Americans dealing with diabetes, so there is no time for stagnation and status quo. Our leaders drive change — so your organization can benefit from sweeping change.