Lancets (100 count)

These lancets feature a universal design and will fit most lancing devices. 

Box includes: 100, 30g Lancets

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What Are Lancets?

Lancets are important supplies in your diabetes toolbox because they are used in testing blood glucose levels. Lancets are small needles in molded pieces of plastic that are used to puncture the skin for a blood sample (sometimes referred to as “finger prick” or “finger stick”). A lancet needle is very small and thin, but just big enough for a drop of blood to be drawn.

It’s important to know if the lancet you are using fits in your lancing device. Diathrive lancets are designed to fit most lancing devices.

About Lancet Gauges

Most lancets might look very similar, but there can be differences. The main difference among lancets is the needle gauge size. You can determine the size of the needle by the gauge number: the higher the gauge number, the smaller and thinner the needle. For example, a lancet with gauge size 30 is thinner than a lancet with gauge size 28. The most common gauge sizes today are 28 and higher. Smaller needles tend to cause less pain, but the smallest needle may not work for you if you have thick or rough skin. You might need to try different size needles to find the size that works best for you.

Lancet Safety

A new lancet should be used each time you check your blood sugar. This helps reduce the risk of infection and helps avoid scarring from dull needles. If a lancet is used multiple times, it becomes very dull and the needle can bend into a fish hook shape that is painful and less-effective when used. 

Free For Diathrive Subscribers

Purchasing lancets is very inexpensive, costing only a few pennies each. Lancets are provided free when you start a Diathrive Subscription Plan

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